Nonprofit or Terrorist Organization

When the National Riffle Association or the NRA comes to mind, what do you think? Do you think of a nonprofit? Do you think of it just as a group of people? Or do you think of a terrorist group? The San Francisco politicians have made a bill calling out the NRA as a terrorist organization. The NRA has been around since 1871, and currently there are around 5.5 million self reported members. The National Riffle Association has a long history of lobbying against firearm legislation. They have supported the National Firearms Act, Federal Firearms Act, Protection of Commerce in Arms Act, and Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act. While they have opposed most aspects of the Gun Control Act, Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and the Assault Weapons Ban.

San Francisco’s hope to restrict contractors/vendors from doing business with the NRA with this new bill. They justify it being a terrorist group by mentioning how they spend their money not to promote safe gun laws, but to promote the ownership of a gun and the give off the feeling of violence that comes with a gun. They hope that not this will not only keep their city safe, but also help set examples for other cities with getting better gun control laws.