Leadership Team


Meghan Condon

Communications director, Northampton High school ‘22

Meghan was inspired to take political action because she strives to impact people's lives. She became interested in activism because she has first hand seen the good one person can do, and thought activism was the perfect way to do it! Outside of March For Our Lives, she is involved with the Northampton Chapter of the Massachusetts High School Democrats, environmental club, along with her school's Student Union. When she’s not taking political action, Meghan is interested by many different languages and takes Chinese classes, enjoys painting and any form of art, skateboards and runs her own photography business. 

Contact: meghan@pvmarchforourlives.com


Zoe Richen-Lemos

Events director, pioneer valley performing arts charter public school ‘21

Called to action by the wave of activism around gun control, Zoe was compelled to act to solve the issue so critical to our generation, even walking 50 miles from Worcester to Springfield’s Smith & Wesson to protest American gun violence. Zoe finds joy in organizing, leading the organizing of events such as successful fundraisers for the LGBT Asylum Task Force and Standing Rock. When she isn’t organizing, you can find Zoe playing music. Zoe is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with the Pioneer Valley band ZoKi. She is immensely passionate about songwriting with many different genres and rhythmically intriguing time changes in mind.

Contact: zoe@pvmarchforourlives.com


Thania Shinholster

outreach director, pioneer valley performing arts charter public school ‘20

Being a woman of color in our current society opened the doorway into the world of activism for Thania with her first interest being the many problems minorities in our country face. As a photographer and graphic designer, she enjoys using her skills to educate her peers about important subjects such as gun control and climate justice. As an activist, Thania seeks to inform the public, inspire youth, and provide a safe place for youth to share their stories and have a voice. Outside of activism, she enjoys creating many forms of visual art, reading, and exploring nature.

Contact: thania@pvmarchforourlives.com


Brook Bilodeau

Advocacy Director, Hampden Charter School of Science East ‘22

Brook hadn’t become involved within the realm of activism until the early months of 2019 when her eyes were opened through music with powerful messages and a call for change. Then, she understood that living within an environment shielded from today’s real-world issues and dangerous policies was not only ignorant but precisely the opposite of what she sought her message to be. At the time of the one year anniversary of the devastating Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Brook understood that gun violence in the United States was a massive issue and one that she desperately sought to be part of the movement to bring to an end. Brook began to spread her influence and passion for activism, including a search for safer firearm policy, women’s reproductive rights, actions to combat climate change, among more societal issues and controversies, within the small and restrictive school she attends through argumentative speeches and a push for a stronger focus on youth activism in such a constricting environment. Brook now seeks to empower fellow youth activists and push for actions to be taken against such problems within her community as well as throughout the United States. Outside of her efforts within political activism, Brook enjoys listening to many types of rock music and running track.

Contact: brook@pvmarchforourlives.com